About us

From humble beginnings...

Welcome to TheOutdoorBoutique.com. We're an online shop selling outdoor clothing and camping equipment for fellow lovers of the outdoors. Our aim is to showcase the most ethical or environmentally friendly outdoor brands and products that inspire us most or that are just essential for an outdoor life!

Based on our farm in Wales we became fed up with shops focusing on selling technical outdoor equipment that just wasn't designed for country life and that often had questionable provenance. So we decided to set up our own shop. Our focus is on the highest quality products that are perfect when time spent outdoors doesn't necessarily mean dangling off a cliff on the end of a rope. Whether you are looking for a waterproof jacket, a wool knit jumper, a casual hoody or an organic cotton t-shirt we stock durable products made with natural and sustainable materials. Shipping is free (UK) and we offer a 30 day returns period. Have a look around, get in touch send us feedback. This is an ongoing passion project and I hope you enjoy the shopping experience as much as we are enjoying setting it all up. 

Background to who we are...

Our store came from us wanting to share our love for the outdoors. In 2014 we had the idea to build a Shepherds Hut from scratch in order to let people come and stay with us for a taste of the country life. We learnt all the necessary skills along the way and whilst it took us three years and many cold winter nights working in the shed we've been offering an amazing stay in our shepherds hut which we can genuinely say was 100% built and designed by us.

We're big fans of growing your own veg and we've dabbled with poultry, pigs and bees. We appreciate the satisfaction that comes with spending time in the fresh air, braving the elements and at the end of the day being able to say we've achieved something, even if it's a little achievement. After speaking to our first guests we started to think – how many more people out there share similar values to ourselves?

It turns out many of our guests/customers/friends think the same way. You, like us, want to spend your spare time doing the things you love. We have met loads of amazing people along the way and all of our guests have given us brilliant feedback and you keep coming back. The country offers an escape from the day to day, a chance to reset and to slow down. This is what led to our light bulb moment - an online outdoor shop! The idea behind this site is to connect people who love the outdoors with fantastic ethical and environmentally friendly brands and ideas. Through our website we will pass on products & brands that we find inspiring or just plain useful.

We love the fact that there are so many brands out there trying to do their bit for the environment and/or for a fairer world. Through our site we offer a chance to be part of this sustainable story and to follow incredible brands on amazing missions. This is something a little bit different and really exciting. 

Why are we online only? There are benefits to technology. Online shopping allows more and more flexibility and efficiency for customers & retailers. An online shop can place otherwise boutique brands on a bigger platform. It allows us to balance our work around a great service for our customers and brands hopefully keeping everybody happy. 

We are new and some things are still being worked out so we're really grateful for your patience and feedback whilst we get everything working properly. However, we are geared up to provide a great service and fast & transparent delivery service. 

We are working on adding new brands and stock over the coming months so please keep checking the site or Facebook for updates. You can sign up to our newsletter for updates and unique promotions and in return we'll give you a £5 voucher off your first order over £40. 

Thanks for your interest and for joining us on this adventure!

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Best regards,


Managing Director, The Outdoor Boutique Ltd

 Nia tending to the bees - TheOutdoorBoutique.com