The Icebreaker Story

We love Icebreaker because it was an early promoter of using a natural material, merino wool, for performance active wear and Icebreaker is loved by outdoor enthusiasts around the world because of this unwavering commitment to long lasting, great looking and amazingly comfortable outdoor clothing. 

Icebreaker was established in 1995 in New Zealand with a goal of creating outdoor clothing that moved away from the synthetic petrochemical fibres, that dominated the outdoor clothing sector at that time, to a more sustainable alternative. Icebreaker gave the world the first natural layering system using the excellent warmth to weight ratio and low bulk of Merino Wool. They continued to innovate and in 2006 became the first manufacturer to print graphics onto merino wool and in 2010 become the first company to introduce a "baacode" on every product allowing every customer to trace their product back to the sheep farm where the wool originated. 

And the innovation hasn't stopped. As well as continuing to pioneer long term grower contracts with their supply chain Icebreaker also continued to develop new applications for Merino Wool. Icebreaker have taken the properties of merino wool that wearers of outdoor clothing all well know, the fact that it regulates temperature so well and miraculously remains odourless after days of continuous wear. In 2012 Icebreaker introduce COOL-LITE® - a breakthrough blend of merino and plant based TENCEL®. Made from eucalyptus (the most ecologically sustainable natural fiber available) TENCEL® helps dump heat and wick quickly, while delivering outstanding breathability. We're big fans of TENCEL® and you can find a great selection of TENCEL® clothing here at

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